Library Love

July 13, 2012

I just wanted to share how much I love the library. Isn't it kind of magical that you can go to a place and borrow books for free and even better now that you can go online and order a book and your local library will have it ready for you. I love libraries and we tend to visit ours pretty often. Although, I sure do miss my local library back in Illinois, they had a pretty nice play place for children. Well I love getting all sorts of new books to read for Lily, not only because she loves new books but to be honest it's also because I kind of get tired of reading the same books all the time. One of my plans for summer is to find a library around here that has a nice play area too.


  1. I enjoy the library also, sometimes its difficult to go there with a lively 2 year old though, a play area is a great idea.

  2. @todayi it can definitely be difficult to visit the library sometimes - trying to stay quiet and all, especially the one's that aren't as kid friendly


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