Illinois vs. Florida


August 18, 2012

Coming back from my trip to Chicago has me doing all sorts of thinking and missing.
I've been looking at my neighborhood and I really do love it, it reminds me of the dreams I had as a child, I always wanted to live in a place like this and go to summer camp in California or Montana. It's this big debate in my head, whether I love this place much more than going back to Illinois or if it's even a good idea to move back. For now, I promised myself to enjoy living here as much as possible even when I miss my family, friends, and the food.

The weekend.


July 23, 2012

Going to the pool (as usual).
Playing with care bears. 

This weekend we went to some more model homes and saw some more realistic (within our budget) homes. It's pretty exciting to imagine where we could possibly live and all the possibilities behind what the future brings. Mentally decorating and thinking about life in our own home. 

Lily has been blessed with a pretty great grandma.  She saved care bears from her children's childhood and has gifted them to her. Lily really loves those care bears.

Last Weekend


We went swimming.
Ate lunch at checkers.
And checked out model homes (our favorite).

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