Carousel Riding + Memory Monday

July 16, 2012

On Friday Lily and I went to the local mall just to ride on the Carousel. A little daughter and mama date outside of our usual activities. We got to go on the tea cup and spin around like crazy.

Afterwards we wandered off to the play area and she proceeded to show me her crazy climbing and jumping skills. She sure knows how to scare me and make me proud at the same time.

For my first "Memory Monday" I wanted to go back 3 years and see how different we both look and how much we've both grown. She was only 9 months in that picture and I still felt like a brand new mama. I was still learning about life with a little one and she was still a baby. She was less than a month away from walking, which to me feels so long ago. I can almost remember the way I would dream about the days that she would be able to talk and walk. It's funny how life happens so quickly - I can't believe I'm already here, with a daughter who voices her opinion everyday and who walks as if she were on a runway. 


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